Unique Clocks


Clocks with CD background. The clocks have an electronic clockwork powered by an AA battery.

Different styles and sizes available. Some of shown clocks are already sold, but can be produces in similar style.
Special requests possible.

Diameter: approx. 350 mm

Price ~CHF 50-80 (incl. VAT)
Shipping costs separately (can also be picked up)

“The Hexorcist”, black/silver pate with special Apple Developer CD
(sold, was unique)
the red cloud
special Apple Developer CD
smaller CD- Clock, CD’s with different colors in center, Diameter approx. 20 cm
(sold, was unique)
smaller CD- Clock, all CD’s silver, Diameter approx. 20 cm
(sold, on order)
nearly black CD in center
(sold, on order)

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